Hey there!

My name is Jessica Wolf.  I am a wife to my wonderful High School sweetheart, Teague.  He is the calm to my creative, craziness! My biggest supporter, and honorary prop loader.  I am a Mommy to the most beautiful daughter, Kenley. She is my whole world! She is just bursting with personality, and is my favorite photography subject and little muse.
I am a HUGE travel bug and adventure seeker.  I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many countries around around the world. Nothing makes me happier than experiencing a new culture and seeing a new, beautiful part of the world!
I am a natural, night owl. I don’t really, fully function before 11am!  I am a Mountain Dew addict, and lover of good food. I am an adrenaline junkie, so I am always seeking out anything adventurous and crazy. I have always been a sucker for a good horror flick, and will even admit to loving those cheesy ghost hunter shows! The beach is my happy place. I LOVE swimming and being in the water. Good music is a staple in my home. I can regularly be seen, singing my heart out to the steering wheel of my car… Or dancing around the house with my 3 year old.
I come from a super, tight knit and wonderful family. I probably talk to my Mom at least 3 times a day, my siblings are my very best friends, and my whole family still gets together for dinner every Sunday. They are the best thing in my life, and my biggest fans!

I have been doing photography professionally since 2009.  I am so grateful I get use my creativity and put my heart into my work everyday. Being able to help support my family, while doing something I absolutely love is the best feeling in the world. I have always loved working with people, and have been truly blessed to have many of my clients turn into wonderful friends. After a few years of working, I discovered my talent and love was in working with kids. I chose to specialized in families and children portrait sessions. My passion is creating, and capturing these dreamy, whimsical stories for you, of your children and families through photography. Creating art pieces that tell a story, and are full of emotion. I love to push the envelope, and play outside the box. So if you are up for a little bit of adventure, and lots of laughing- I would LOVE to be the one to capture it for you!

-Jessica Wolf


“Capturing love, laughter, and light!”

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